2012 International Youth Day: Building a Better World by Partnering with Youth

“To unleash the power of young people, we need to partner with them.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Omo Omoregbe  reminds youths of their civic duties:

Omo OmoregbeThe youths are the leaders of tomorrow; the youth should obey all the laws of his/her country, the youth is expected to pay all the taxes due to him as at when due, the youth owes loyalty to the government, his community.and even to himself.

The youth should be prepared to defend his country when it is threatened, the youth should always take good care of public property (whether placed in his custody or not) whenever he comes in contact with them, the youth should be honest, the youth should obey the head of state or government, the youth should obey the national anthem of his country and should not hesitate to serve his nation in any capacity (he is capable of) when called upon to do so.

Lastly, the youth should show respect to the national flag which stands as a symbol of national authority.

According to Chidima Catherine Nwaubani

Youths are the key stone in the society. They set up a lead for their peers and younger siblings, they mark and keep a conscious watch on their every day life and hang on to good ideas which can help them and the society move to greater heights. They distribute new ideas to their peers and colleagues. The youths are the ones mainly recruited into politics and the military, because they are still strong and focused. They harbour possibilities for a bright and ambitious future.

Ehis Omoregbe lists out some other roles the youth can play in societyEhis Omoregbe

  • To ensure the longevity of our planet,
  • to educate children about their rights,
  • To help other young people attain a higher level of intellectual ability,
  • to become qualified adults,
  • to shape the nation’s future,
  • to vote and be voted for,
  • to help the government and private sector in implementation of national policies,
  • to recognise problems and solve them,
  • to aspire for entrepreneurship rather than conventional employment,
  • to teach values and morals to peers and offspring, as well as help them become responsible, productive adults with promising futures.

Edekin Angela

Edekin Angela describes the key role of youth in the society as being:

To renew, refresh and maintain a civilization. The youths are the primary agents of change in the society, the workforce in the society and the society’s backbone. The youth can change the future of the society with their courageous behaviour.

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International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

“On this International Day, I pledge the full support of the UN system to cooperate with indigenous peoples, including their media, to promote the full implementation of the Declaration.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

2012 Theme: “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices.” Here are some voices from Nigerian teenagers on their ethnic groups!

“What I love about my ethnic group is the unity among us, rich cultural heritage, their tradition, and social beliefs.” – Sharon Iyere


“An ethnic group is a group of humans, individuals who share a common,  unique self identity. An ethnic group is also called a ”people” or a ”people group.”

Some words used to refer to a group as a seperate ethnic group are: tribe, nation, lineage, family, society, community and heritage.

What I love must about my ethnic group is our tradition and also our dressing. Our tradition and dressing is so unique!

Tradition, by the way, is the transmission of customs or belief from generation to generation. Things that were done in the times of our forefathers are still existing, like the festival that is organised annually for both adults, youth and children.

Our dressing is a very unique one that would make everybody love to be part of the group. I am so interested in the dressing, because people do not wear it everyday. It is worn occassionally by both the youth, adult nd children. The dress code is two wrapper, a blouse, big headtie and beads in both hand and neck.

What I mostly love about my ethnic group is the tradition and dressing, especially the dressing because when we come out with our dressing among other people, it looks so unique and attractive on them!” – Angela Edekin


I’m from Edo State, my ethnic group is Edo. What i love most is their festival and masquerades;

The Edos have a very rich tradition of festival and masquerades through which the people either appease their various gods and goddesses, initiate men and women into age grades or just as a traditional get together.

The Igue Festival takes preeminence among other festivals which are celebrated in edo state. It is celebrated every December by the Oba of Benin to usher in the new year and as a thanksgiving for the outgoing one. – Omo Omoregbe


Edo is the name of a place, people and language of an ethnic group, and it happens to be my ethnic group.

Edo speaking ethnic groups include the Esan, Afemai, Isoko and Urhobo.

WHAT I LOVE MOST is our music. Edo State is blessed with a large coterie of nationally and internationally renowned performers e.g Sunny Okosun, Peter King, Felix Duke and many others who have flown the flag of Edo State creditably.

In Edo state, there is no dance or song without satirical connotation or bearing. – Ehis Omoregbe Continue reading

Develop a Good Writing Style


This article is by Angela Edekin, of GPI Roses Class.

We are not all born with silver spoons in our mouths, neither are we all going to end up having typewriters or computers. Good handwriting is an asset voluntarily acquired and almost impossible to lose. A student who cannot put forward their opinions or expressions in a neat and legible handwriting is doomed to remain a victim of examiners, teachers, or instructors. Examination candidates who do not have good handwritings may betray their chances with rough, illegible and uncontrolled scripts. Therefore the need for having good handwriting style should be seen as a strong complement of knowing the subject matter.

Unfortunately, for a number of years many students have ignored good handwriting as most of them scratch their opinions on paper. In consequence, they have lost out valuable marks which are required to pass both in school and beyond. in contemporary times, handwriting has been played down in school curricula which inevitably has led to students believing it is less important. Many students also assume (because no stress is laid on it in syllabi of external examinations) that good handwriting skills are not relevant. if this situation is to be rectified and the value of good handwriting underscored, there must first of all be an acceptance of the fact that bad handwriting can bias the teacher, examiner or reader, towards or against a student’s written content.

The essence of a good handwriting cannot be overemphasised. Please learn a good handwriting style. Continue reading

Drug Abuse

This article is by Omoreghae Angela, A GPI girl in Pearl Class.

Drug overdose

Many more Nigerian youths are taking to drugs of different kinds. Some take to drugs as a means of identifying with members of their age groups. Others do so as a means of rebelling against the values of adults, or as a way of escaping temporarily from reality.

A lot of parents today care more about making money than taking proper care of their offspring. They thus entrust their children to nannies whose backgrounds they know little or nothing about. Other causes include unemployment,  high rates of illiteracy and poverty, and the general insensitivity of the government to the common man’s plight.

Abuse of drugs leads to social problems of various types, many abusers end up invalids of one kind or the other. Some go mad and roam the streets. Their families reject them and they become a burden to the government that has to rehabilitate them. These people hardly ever become useful to the society or even themselves. Continue reading

The Way to Success

By Laura Uwangue, a GPI Alumni

"Success," a 20x30-inch inspirationa...

Striving for success without hard work is like harvesting what you did not plant. Your time is limited; do not waste it. Success is the ability to enthusiastically move from one failure to another. You cannot avoid passing through failure on your way to success.

It is never too late to be what you might have been. You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.

That which does not kill you will only make you stronger so keep doing those things which you are afraid to do.

As earlier stated, the only secret to success is hard work. Continue reading

Choose your friends wisely


This article is by Joy Uyimwen, a GPI Roses Girl

A friend is someone you value. Chose your friends, don’t allow your friends choose you. Your friends will either add to or undermine your level of contentment. We should learn to associate with friends who will influence us positively rather than negatively as ‘she that walks with wise friends will become wise.’

We must also remember the saying, ‘evil communication corrupts good manners.’ It is difficult to be satisfied with your lot in the midst of friends who are never satisfied with what they have.

To choose your friends wisely, you should answer the following questions.

  1. Friends, 2003, oil on canvas, 36" by 48&q...

    Are my friends adding to my contentment or are they increasing my feelings of discontent?

  2. Are my friends fond of bragging about their possessions?
  3. Are my friends always complaining about the things they do not have?
  4. What kind of friend am I to my friends?

We all need friends like the biblical Jonathan who helped David to become king of Isreal. We all need friends that have our best interests at heart. Continue reading

How can we, as a culture and as members of the global community, involve, educate, and inspire girls in a positive way?


A GPI girl’s response to Blog for International Women’s Day

We as members of the global community can educate girls in a positive way by either going to schools, or having different organisations spread out in different places to help transfer messages which would inspire girls positively.

An organization helping to inspire a positive future and impact the minds and aspirations for girls

This article is by Omoregbe Ehis as part of the Blog for International Women’s Day programme. She is a GPI girl and Oasician.

GPI is an organisation that i would like to describe as helping to impact the aspirations of girls. It is a Nigerian non governmental, non profitable, non religious and a youth development organisation founded in 1993 to support in and out of school girls aged 10-18,  to access non sexist information and education on sexuality, leadership and other life management skills; promote and protect their sexual and reproductive rights.

Vision – A leading sustainable feminist institution with critical consciousness and capacity for empowering girls committed to the achievement of positive changes and transformation of patriarchal values in Nigeria.

Skills Training Unit: GPI offers free training in various centers for economic empowerment of girls to reduce the likelihood of them compromising their rights to bodily integrity for financial returns. GPI reaches out to girls in rural areas through her community intervention programmes and the execution of rural development projects.