Develop a Good Writing Style


This article is by Angela Edekin, of GPI Roses Class.

We are not all born with silver spoons in our mouths, neither are we all going to end up having typewriters or computers. Good handwriting is an asset voluntarily acquired and almost impossible to lose. A student who cannot put forward their opinions or expressions in a neat and legible handwriting is doomed to remain a victim of examiners, teachers, or instructors. Examination candidates who do not have good handwritings may betray their chances with rough, illegible and uncontrolled scripts. Therefore the need for having good handwriting style should be seen as a strong complement of knowing the subject matter.

Unfortunately, for a number of years many students have ignored good handwriting as most of them scratch their opinions on paper. In consequence, they have lost out valuable marks which are required to pass both in school and beyond. in contemporary times, handwriting has been played down in school curricula which inevitably has led to students believing it is less important. Many students also assume (because no stress is laid on it in syllabi of external examinations) that good handwriting skills are not relevant. if this situation is to be rectified and the value of good handwriting underscored, there must first of all be an acceptance of the fact that bad handwriting can bias the teacher, examiner or reader, towards or against a student’s written content.

The essence of a good handwriting cannot be overemphasised. Please learn a good handwriting style.


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